Protecting Major Redevelopment Project


A commercial developer turned to Farallon to protect a construction dewatering system from regional groundwater contamination.

Farallon developed a plan to minimize the encroachment of a regional groundwater contamination plume into a two-block construction dewatering system, avoiding costly permit requirements and construction delays.

Farallon designed a groundwater interception system, which was installed on an up-gradient adjacent property owned by the client. The system comprised a line of four 12-inch-diameter, 92-foot-deep extraction wells designed to pump a total of 800 gallons per minute with treatment using air sparge, sand filtration, and carbon filtration. The interception system functioned as a partial cleanup of the contamination plume emanating from a property owned by others, and as an Interim Action for the liable third party. This solution positioned the client for protection from environmental liability associated with the groundwater contamination plume, and to recover costs from the party liable for the plume in potential future litigation. Farallon provided strategic planning, project design, construction support, and operation and maintenance tasks for a period of about 1 year.

“The original project objectives evolved to include cost recovery, engineering services, construction support, system operation, and protection from environmental liability,” said Tad Cline, Principal Civil Engineer/Hydrogeologist. “This project, with its rapidly developing client requirements, was well suited for an agile multi-service environmental consulting company such as Farallon.”