Farallon Owners Sell Company to Employees

October 11, 2017

Farallon Consulting, L.L.C. (Farallon) Chief Executive Officer Amy Essig Desai announced that ownership of the firm was transferring to those most responsible for and invested in our continuing success:  our employees. 

“At Farallon, our people have always been our most valuable resource,” said co-founder Peter Jewett.  “Their experience and expertise have made Farallon a leader in providing lasting high-quality solutions for our clients and the environment.  We share a common vision, and the next logical step was to share ownership of that vision and our future.”

Employee ownership has a proven history of stimulating a company’s productivity and growth, attracting skilled professionals, and creating a culture of leadership and recognition.  “Our clients will benefit, because each employee has a personal stake in Farallon’s reputation for responsiveness and exemplary work,” noted Desai.  “And our employees will benefit, because their contributions to Farallon’s success are recognized with a demonstrable reward.”

“From my first day at Farallon, I’ve always loved the emphasis on culture,” said Senior Compliance Specialist Sarah Glathar, from Farallon’s Portland office.  “I genuinely enjoy the collaborative, fun, and high-performing work environment.  This change in ownership takes something that’s always been important to us and makes it official.  We’ve been empowered to grow with and contribute to our collective success as a firm.”

Effective immediately, Farallon is 100 percent employee owned, and Farallon employees will earn shares in the firm for every year of employment.  The distribution of shares encourages job retention and will keep Farallon’s growth on track as the firm celebrates its 19th anniversary in December.

Farallon is an environmental consulting and engineering firm that specializes in diverse technical services such as environmental due diligence, remedial investigation and cleanup, and litigation support.  Known in the industry for its strategic, forward-thinking solutions, Farallon is based in Washington, Oregon, and California.  For more information, visit http://www.farallonconsulting.com.