Dr. Teresa Michelsen to Conduct Sediments Workshop

August 8, 2016

Dr. Teresa MichelsenFarallon Principal Environmental Scientist Dr. Teresa Michelsen will teach a course on sediment cleanup standards with the Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC) in Kirkland, Washington on October 18, 2016.  NWETC offers customized in-person and online courses on current policy, standards, technology, and regulations for environmental professionals.

Topics to be covered in this 1-day course include the 2013 revisions to the Sediment Management Standards, including freshwater, site-specific cleanup, and bioaccumulation-based cleanup standards; background- and risk-based approaches; and statistical methods for assessing compliance with cleanup standards.  Teresa also will demonstrate the Washington State Department of Ecology spreadsheet tool for calculating sediment cleanup standards.

Teresa has more than 25 years of experience in aquatic site investigation and cleanup and regulatory permitting support.  Her specialty areas include developing sediment and tissue quality guidelines, conducting aquatic cleanup and restoration projects, and planning and implementing regulatory programs for aquatic environments.

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